We Are Giving Away $100.00 A Week, As Our Way of Giving Back And Paying It Forward!

Hey Everyone:

We are giving away $100.00 this week and every week until the end of August!

As away of giving back and paying it forward for all the success that we have had and continue to have in our lives we want you to have dinner on us.

You and every person you know family or friend can enter to win the $100.00 prize!

You can even post it on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest or what ever social media you use.

We will randomly select on person a week that enters to win the $100.00 bucks!

The $100.00 prize will be issued out in the form of a “United States Postal Money Order” only.

It will be mailed out to the one lucky weekly winner on Wednesday or Thursday of each week until the drawings end’s in August.

To Enter This Drawing You Must Email Us The Following Information In The Order It Is Listed Below:

In the subject line you must put: $100.00 Giveaway

Email Body Put:
* First and Last Name
* Cell Phone Number
* Current Mailing Address
* Your Best Email Address

And simply email us at; irisknows@yahoo.com

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